Oscar: The self-bootstrapping replicating 3D printer.

Oscar is a project to make RepRap 3D printers more accessible by lowering the price and build requirements of a printer. Building an Oscar requires less than $60 in purchased parts and does not require access to an existing 3D printer. All remaining materials for Oscar are salvaged from discarded electronics and household items. If you are interested, you can follow the Oscar project.

3D Audio Headband

I have been playing around with an Arduino Pro Mini, a 9DOF chip, and BTLE to build a wearable headband that can report orientation. Combined with a smartphone, I hope to be able to create 3D virtual acoustic environments with existing headphones.


Boundary Waters

My favorite place in the United States is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Located on the northern border of Minnesota, the BWCA is a semi-primitive wilderness of high bluffs and lakes formed by glacial movement. The area combines canoeing and hiking that is fun for both novices and experienced campers.

During the site transition, live maps and trip resources hosted here are presently unavailable. These resources should become available after this personal site has fully migrated.


Another hobby I enjoy is Geocaching. My handle is “doerrie”.